Top Features

BEC Impersonation Warning

Upon opening email, one click checks sender’s source & if matches local list

Global & Personalized Smart Lists

Spots suspicious senders, utilizing in-house database & personal blacklist/whitelist

AI + Machine Learning

Provides intelligent anti-fraud email security based on machine learning & analysis

Blockchain Evidence Preservation

Email’s digital fingerprint & timestamp are preserved on blockchain, valuable for future court case defense

Fraud Prevention - Upgrade

6 main items to consider in verifying email sender’s origin, and if email is suspected of scam

Fraud Prevention - Basic

  • BEC Impersonation Warning
  • Personalized Smart Lists

Fraud Prevention - Plus

  • Email Evidence Preservation on Blockchain
  • Email Content Encryption
  • Global Fraud Data
  • AI + Machine Learning
  • Sender Domain Information
  • Domain Website Information
  • Email Comparison Information

Fraud Prevention - Business

  • Automatic Deployment to Multiple Devices
  • Email Safety Report
  • Usage Report
  • High Risk Sector Alert

Usage Instructions

The short guides are all here to assist you with tasks like registration, installation and usage.

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