Membership Terms of Use

BlockChain Security Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or "BlockChain Security") thank you for using ChkSender (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"). Please be sure to read the following terms and conditions in order to better safeguard your rights and interests. By completing the registration process and becoming a member, you agree to accept and abide by the rights and obligations regulated by the terms of this membership.

If you are a minor under the laws of your region, please be sure this Membership Terms of Use is read in detail by your legal representative. Once registered, your legal representative is deemed to have accepted the terms and to have agreed to your registration.

The so-called Membership Terms of Use, except as set out on this page, are also disclosed or published by the Company or by other authorized third parties in the name of the company, through the website, the Google Chrome extension or other written notices. Those notices may include membership rights and obligations, usage criteria and other business management matters such as provisions of website policies and service procedures.

The Company reserves the right to revise, supplement or modify the contents of these provisions at any time for the purpose of safeguarding the Company's normal operations and protecting consumers’ rights. Except for matters involving major events which will be communicated by announcements or notifications, members will not be notified individually. Members should review this Terms of Use regularly. If the Member continues to use the Service after the terms are revised, supplemented or modified, it shall be deemed that the Member has read, understood and agreed to accept the revisions, supplements or modifications of the terms.

The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provisions of this Service provided to you, without offering any compensation.

Section 1) Service Items

i) The Company offers Users (registered members) the following Services:

  • Provides Users with services including ChkSender's email encryption and decryption, email preservation and verification, as well as other services related to checking information associated with domain names and sender email addresses.
  • Provides Users with Services to inspect information tied to their account on the ChkSender website and Google Chrome extension (including User-created whitelist or blacklist items, as well as records on User’s email preservation, email verification and account top-up).
  • Provides Users with Services to upload preserved email’s digital fingerprint to the blockchain.
  • Provides Users with Services to verify digital fingerprints.
  • Provides Users with Services to send encrypted email and decrypt encrypted texts using sender-set passwords.
  • Provides Users with Services to set email whitelist and blacklist.
  • Provides Users with Services to verify whether the received email is suspected to be forged, by checking against relevant User-set whitelist and blacklist. This determination is based on criteria set by whitelist taking precedence over blacklist’s, as well as any User-set list taking precedence over a system list.
  • Provides Users with Services to review email fraud statistic reports, helping to enhance future email security.
  • Provides Users with access to BlockChain Security's related products (excluding eDetector and education training courses).

ii) The ChkSender website and Google Chrome extension merely assist in confirming the validity of the digital fingerprints associated with the preserved email, as well as verifying its upload time on the blockchain. The following are not within the identifiable scope of this website: Actual email creation or preservation time, or other time values displayed within ChkSender website or Google Chrome extension; the time difference caused by the User's time zone settings; and, other time difference problems due to various network conditions or due to other factors.

iii) The ChkSender website and Google Chrome extension merely assist in querying and displaying information related to sender’s email domain registration (including registrant country, company and contact), as well as any potential social media information associated with sender’s email address. Any actual discrepancies in sender’s identity due to registration, updates, date expiry or other settings are not within identifiable scope of this service.

Section 2) Membership Rules

Members shall abide by the following rules:

  • Members shall ensure that their registered personal data is accurate and complete; it also shall be appropriately updated at the request of the Company.
  • Members shall regularly review the latest announcements pertaining to the Company's service procedures and policy contents; they shall also regularly connect online making use of service items.
  • Members shall promptly review any sent notices pertaining to ChkSender website or Google Chrome extension. When informed of unauthorized account use, data tampering or other important safety information, the User shall cooperate with the Company in handling the incident.
  • The member account provided on ChkSender website or Google Chrome extension is for personal use only. The member shall not provide the account for use by a third party in any paid or unpaid manner.
  • Members shall not interfere with the normal operation of the provided service. They shall not steal, change or delete the Service's program code through improper methods, using robot accounts or other technical methods.
  • Members shall not interfere with other members' regular Service usage by means of favor exchanges, threats and intimidations, or other similar irrational methods.
  • Members shall not change, delete or collect other people's personal data without their consent; neither shall they do so by exploiting any loopholes in the provided service’s design, or by other technical means such as bypassing or breaking the security mechanism.
  • Members shall abide by content of Membership Terms of Use, respecting common good faith principles. They shall abide by applicable local laws and shall not pose damage to the interests of the Company, other members or third parties.
  • Any information uploaded or verified by the member containing personal data, business secrets, classified information or other similar non-public or confidential information shall previously be assured suitable to be legally used, uploaded and verified. Furthermore, the Company has no obligation to inspect this information. Therefore, if any violation of the law or of the rights and interests of others occurs, the member shall bear all legal responsibility.

Section 3) Responsibilities and Exclusions

i) The member understands and agrees that any losses caused by the inability to use the Service, due to the following factors, are not within the scope of compensation by the Company:

  • Updates to or malfunction of the Application's operating system.
  • Updates or adjustments to the system or server.
  • The client application has not been updated to the latest version.
  • The client operating system, browser, or related interconnected application versions do not match or do not function properly and/or the network is not properly connected.
  • While replacing, upgrading, maintaining or constructing this Service's related software or hardware equipment.
  • In the event of a sudden failure of an electronic communication device.
  • In the event of natural disasters or other factors of force majeure

ii) The Company shall not be liable for User's usage of the Service, or for any direct, indirect, derivative property or non-property damage caused by the usage of the Service.

iii) The Company does not assume any guarantee for the use of the Service or the results produced, nor does it guarantee that the software associated with the Service will be free from defects or will be amended.

iv) The Company is not liable to the User or anyone for any intimidation, slander, obscenity or any other wrongful act that occurs within or through the Service.

v) The Company will be intent on providing the best possible protection and security maintenance of the digital evidence collected and stored by the User, using this Service. Despite the above, total and absolute safeguard of information’s security can never be fully assured. As such, the company shall not be liable for any compensation or any guarantees regarding direct or indirect harm to any property or non-property caused by any information security damage, while its Services are in use.

Section 4) Service and Termination

i) While this Service is being used by the member, certain violations of the law or of Membership Terms of Use, or certain damage to ChkSender website, Google Chrome extension or third party rights could potentially occur. In that event, the Company reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate the User’s membership without any notice.

ii) The suspension or termination of membership does not affect the rights and obligations that have arisen before the suspension or termination date, nor does it affect the legal rights that either party may claim confronting the other.

Section 5) Ownership and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

i) Upon completion of the registration process, the member is deemed to have authorized the Company, without limitations, to keep copies of various contents provided, uploaded or verified by the member while using any Service items, all within the necessary scope of the Service.

ii) The software, programs and contents of this Service, including but not limited to written works, images, files, information, data, website structure and webpage design are owned by the Company or other rights holders holding intellectual property rights in accordance with the law. The latter includes, but is not limited to, trademark rights, patents, copyrights, business secrets and proprietary technology. No one shall, in any way, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, change, distribute, publish, publicly announce, reverse engineer, decompile, or reverse translate any of above items. In case of any violations, parties countering the Company or other rights holders shall be responsible for damages (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees).

Section 6) Privacy Policy

For matters regarding the Company's member privacy protection and personal data security, please refer to the Privacy Policy document. The Company's privacy policy constitutes a part of this Membership Terms of Use.

Section 7) Ambiguities and Disputes Regarding Membership Terms

i) In case of any ambiguity regarding the terms contained in this Membership Terms of Use, the member shall submit a request in form of a written letter or in accordance with other means specified by the company. The company has the right to refuse to reply to questions raised that are not in accordance with the agreed terms.

ii) This Membership Terms of Use is described and supplemented in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China. In case of any dispute between the Company and a member, arising from rights and obligation terms pertaining to this Service, the member agrees to seek dialog with the Company as a first step. If the negotiations are not successful and filing a complaint proves necessary, the parties agree to utilize Taiwan’s Taipei District Court as the court of first instance.

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