Point Usage

1.Point Usage Rules

Members who successfully download and sign up with ChkSender, get 200 free reward points. Those points can be used towards the Extension’s various functions. Here is how usage points are counted for each function:
Preserve & Send email: 30 points per email deducted,Encrypt & Send email: 20 points per email deducted,Verify email: 10 points per email deducted

2.Other Rules

  • 2-1.Members can login to the browser Extension or to ChkSender website in order to view their point usage history
  • 2-2.Members' personal points cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to other members or to any third party
  • 2-3.All points purchased are valid for one year. Points are deducted when using certain features within the Plus plans.
  • 2-4.If you have any questions regarding our point usage policy, feel free to contact us at service@chksender.com
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