Privacy Policy

BlockChain Security Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") respects the privacy and personal data safety of all members. Please read this Privacy Policy in detail, in order to assist you to understand how BlockChain Security Co., Ltd., through ChkSender’s Website and Google Chrome extension (herein referred to as "the Service"), collects, processes, uses and protects the personal data provided by you.

1) Personal Data Collection and Its Purpose

In order to fulfill tasks such as Member Management, Service Provisioning, Business Relations Maintenance, Exercise of Entitled Rights, etc., the Company will be obtaining the following items:

  • your personal information, such as: email address, login and password, user name, company name and department, or your Gmail account email, full name, profile photo and usage language (if have signed in with a Google account).
  • personal data obtained (if any) when using the Service's functions such as: sending and preserving email, sending encrypted email, setting custom-built whitelist and blacklist entries for domain names and email addresses, or performing verifications
  • other technical data generated by using this Website, such as digital fingerprint (Hash value), encrypted email’s ciphertext, email preservation date, transaction information or any other information
  • upon opening an email, email sender information will be recorded and kept track of by the Service, in order to enhance your personal email fraud protection when using the Service in the future.
  • When you choose to login with your Google account, ChkSender will obtain all your past and future email metadata information processed as an email security statistical report, in order to examine and enhance your email fraud protection.
  • your website usage information through using cookie technology by ChkSender’s website in order to optimize the website and the Service.

2) Time Period, Region, Object and Manner of Personal Data Utilization

  • The basic personal information (such as email address, username, or company name and unit), provided by you, will be used as the basis for determining your identity as a member.
  • Your use of data and technical information will be used to improve the Service or to develop new services.
  • Your contact method (email address) will be used by the Company as the main business contact or for referral of new products and services.
  • The Company may entrust contractors to collect, process or use your personal data. In that situation, the Company will be responsible for the external supervision of the contractor, regarding your personal data.
  • The Company, for the purposes of identification, making contact or taking legal action, may use your personal information in any of the following cases: you are in violation of the law; you violate the terms of the membership; you damage or hinder the rights entitled by this Service, by other users, or members; or you cause damage or harm to anyone.
  • The Company may share comprehensive non-personal data with third parties. “comprehensive non-personal data” means records and member-related data that have been organized using aggregation; it will no longer be possible to identify specific members using this data after aggregation. The above-mentioned information may be collected, processed and utilized by organizations having relations with the Company or by other partners, within and outside Taiwan.
  • The Company will use your personal data in accordance with the above content for the period of your membership and in your locality.

3) Links to Relevant External Websites

You are free to click on and enter online links to other websites provided by ChkSender website or Google Chrome extension. Keep in mind, however, that this Privacy Policy would not be applicable to those linked websites.

4) Provision and Disclosure of Personal Data inks to Relevant External Websites

The Company will never provide, exchange, rent or sell any personal data that could identify you to other individuals, groups, private companies or public authorities, except as required by law, as per the following examples:

  • The law clearly stipulates it.
  • It is necessary for the promotion of common good.
  • It is needed for averting certain danger to your life, body, freedom or property.
  • It is needed to prevent occurrence of major violation of other people’s rights.
  • It is intended for public interest through statistical or academic research, when collaborating with a public agency or academic research institution, in a way that the information processed or collected by the Company may not identify the specific parties based on their disclosure.
  • It is consented by you, in accordance with certain legal proceedings.
  • It is beneficial towards your rights and interests.

5) Parties’ Rights

Except otherwise stipulated by law, members may exercise the following rights on their personal data by means of the customer service e-mail:

  • May request for inquiries, readings, copying, supplementing, or correction of information.
  • May request to stop collecting, processing, utilizing - or to delete - information. Once an above request is received, however, the member will no longer be able to continue using the Service.
  • May be asked by the Company to provide information to the extent necessary to check that you are indeed a party to your personal data.

EU protection provisions apply to Users who are EU citizen. Therefore, in addition to the above rights, there may be further restrictions on the use and transfer of their personal data. When this case applies, please contact us using the contact method provided at the end of this policy. We will then take action in accordance with applicable laws and your requirements.

6) Personal Data Safety

  • To protect your privacy, the Company offers the measures and technology necessary to protect all personal data.
  • To prevent potential data leakage, please safeguard your personal information such as registered username and password attentively.
  • To avoid unlawful usage by others, please conserve your credit card information safely.
  • Upon becoming a member of this website once you register, you affirm that the information provided and retained by you is factual. Thereafter, if you find out that your personal information has been unlawfully used by others or contains any abnormalities, you shall notify the Company immediately.

7) Revision and Validity of the Privacy Policy

  • The Company will be updating this Privacy Policy from time to time. It will also be abiding by the laws of the Republic of China relevant to Protection of Personal Data. If you do not agree with any of the terms of this Privacy Policy or with any revisions to its contents, you shall stop using the Service immediately.
  • This Privacy Policy constitutes a part of Membership Terms of Use.
  • If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact Customer Service at

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