1.How can ChkSender protect me from email fraud?

ChkSender relies heavily on its intelligent warning system and smart-lists to alert users of suspicious email fraud. The user, having been alerted in time, can then select how to react to the email received, preventing unintentional personal / financial damage. It’s that simple!

Here is a short list of ChkSender’s main features:

  • Dynamic fraud detection and pop-up alert
  • Sender domain / details verification and comparison chart in 1 click
  • Personalized Smart-lists, adding senders to whitelist/blacklist at will in 1 click
  • See link for details for other features like email preservation and encryption:Product Features

2.Do I need to learn a new way of sending/receiving emails?

No. Users can keep using the familiar Gmail interface.

3.How complicated is it to install / setup?

Simply go to Google Chrome Web Store to download and enable the extension. This only takes a few minutes.InstallInstallation & Removal

4.What are the minimum system requirements?

A recent version of Chrome browser, and a Gmail / G Suite account is needed. Outlook users will be supported in future releases.

5.Is an email client required?

No. Just need to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.Install

6.How to start using ChkSender’s features?

ChkSender provides dynamic email fraud detection and pop-up alert with no need to click anywhere. Other features, however, may require selections and registration by the user.Sign Up

7.What are the price plans?

The Basic plan is free and includes unlimited BEC Impersonation Warnings, and Personalized Smart-lists. To take advantage of other features, you can upgrade to the Plus plan (or Business plan for companies). Usage is point-based and you can use features as sparsely or as frequently as you’d like, not bound to a monthly fee.Price Plans

8.How do I use my points?

Points are deducted per feature usage. Your points are valid for a full year.Point Usage

9.How is my privacy protected?

We will be intent on providing the best possible protection and security maintenance of you personal data. Our Privacy Policy clearly states what personal data is collected, its purpose and how it is protected.Privacy Policy

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at: service@chksender.com

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